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Hyungsub Choi
History of Science and Technology
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Journal Papers
◾ The Life and Death of Machines and Imaginaries: Conversations on Trains on EASTS Covers, East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, 2022최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Before localization: the story of the electric rice cooker in South Korea, History and Technology, 2022최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Familiar Narratives and New Questions: Recent Trends in the Modern and Contemporary History of Science in Korea, 역사학보, No.255 pp.477~494, 2022최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ From Hwangsa to COVID-19: The Rise of Mass Masking in South Korea, East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, vol.16 No.1 pp.97~107, 2022최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ COVID-19 and the reenactment of mass masking in South Korea, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, vol.43 No.2, 2021최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Shifting Notion of Kuksanhwa and the Technological Exchange between South Korea and Japan, 일본비평, vol.13 No.1 pp.190~211, 2021최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 기술사와 기술비평 사이에서: 한국 기술사 연구의 흐름과 전망, The Korean Journal for the History of Science, vol.42 No.3 pp.715~729, 2020최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 공업 없는 공학— 1950-60년대 서울대학교 공과대학의 지향과 현실, 사회와역사(구 한국사회사학회논문집), No.119 pp.41~73, 2018
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Displaying "Growth and Development" Exhibit Hall 3, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Technology and Culture, vol.59 No.2 pp.454~463, 2018
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Imported machines in the garden: the kyongun'gi (power tiller) and agricultural mechanization in South Korea, History and Technology, vol.33 No.4 pp.345~366, 2017
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Social Construction of Imported Technologies Reflections on the Social History of Technology in Modern Korea, Technology and Culture, vol.58 No.4 pp.905~920, 2017
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Choi Hyung Sup and the Origins of the ‘Korean Development Model’, 역사비평, No.118 pp.169~193, 2017
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ History of Computing in East Asia, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol.38 No.2 pp.8~10, 2016
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ A Place for Materials Science: Laboratory Buildings and Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Pennsylvania, Minerva, vol.53 No.1 pp.21~42, 2015
[원문보기] 최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Emerging opportunities: nanoelectronics and engineering research in a South Korean university, HISTORY AND TECHNOLOGY, vol.30 No.4 pp.334~353, 2014최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Technical Standard in Transition: The Distribution Voltage Conversion Project in South Korea, 1967-2005, 한국과학사학회지, vol.36 No.2 pp.183~203, 2014최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Emergence of Materials Science and Engineering and American Social Change:Interdisciplinary Research during the Long 1960s, 서양사연구, No.49 pp.155~174, 2013최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ From Materials Science to Nanotechnology: Interdisciplinary Center Programs at Cornell University, 1960-2000, HISTORICAL STUDIES IN THE PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, vol.43 No.2 pp.121~161, 2013최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Silicon Valley secrets, or US microelectronics firms faced with technical uncertainty, REVUE D HISTOIRE MODERNE ET CONTEMPORAINE, vol.59 No.3 pp.48~69, 2012최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Failure to Launch: Tarui Yasuo, the Quadrupole Transistor, and the Meanings of the IC in Postwar Japan, IEEE ANNALS OF THE HISTORY OF COMPUTING, vol.34 No.1 pp.48~59, 2012최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Long History of Molecular Electronics: Microelectronics Origins of Nanotechnology, SOCIAL STUDIES OF SCIENCE, vol.39 No.1 pp.11~50, 2009최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The boundaries of industrial research: Making transistors at RCA, 1948-1960, Technology and Culture, vol.48 No.4 pp.758~782, 2007최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
Conference Papers
◾ Hyungsub Choi, Imagining Autarky in South Korea: The Technological Conditions of a Postcolonial State, Society for the History of Technology, Zoom (online), 2021최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Circulation of Knowledge in the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions, N/A, St. Louis, MO, 2011최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Semiconductor Industry in the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions, N/A, 2011최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 지은이: 최형섭, 그것의 존재를 알아차리는 순간 : 일상을 만든 테크놀로지, 저서, 9791190944151, 이음, 2021최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 지은이: 임태훈,이영준,최형섭,오영진,전치형, 한국 테크노컬처 연대기 : 배반당한 과학기술 입국의 해부도, 9791159921261, Alma(알마), 2017최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 로렌 R. 그레이엄 지음, 처형당한 엔지니어의 유령 : 테크놀로지와 기술제국 소련의 몰락, 9791186828076, 역사인, 2017최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 과학기술정책연구원 ?, 미래는 더 나아질 것인가 : 인공지능, 4차 산업혁명 그리고 인간의 미래, 편서, 9788925560670, RHK(알에이치코리아), 2016최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 지은이: 카이 버드, American prometheus, 역서, 9788983711137, 사이언스북스, 2010최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 매일유업 50주년 아카이브 전시, 스페이스 포 컨템포러리 아트(유), 2019.01.~2019.05.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 교내 러닝/아이디어 팩토리 개선을 통한 창의 교육 활성화 방안, 산학협력단, 2018.07.~2018.10.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ <글쓰기와 의사소통> 표준 커리큘럼 교재 개발 및 운영 방안 연구, 산학협력단, 2018.07.~2018.10.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ The Kyongun'gi and Rural Mechanization in South Korea, 산학협력단, 2017.07.~2018.06.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 2015년도 '산업기술 계통사' 연구: 평판 디스플레이 기술, (재)한국공학한림원, 2015.09.~2015.12.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ 2015년도 '산업기술 계통사'연구: 냉장고 기술, (재)한국공학한림원, 2015.09.~2015.12.최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)
◾ Imported Machines in the Garden: the Kyongun'gi (power tiller) and Agricultural Mechanization in South Korea, Best Article Prize, Korea History of Science Society, Korea History of Science Society, 2019최형섭 (Hyungsub Choi)