School of Liberal Arts

Sin Kyu Kang
Physics(High Energy Physics)
Journal Papers
◾ The acrylic vessel for JSNS2-II neutrino target, Journal of Instrumentation, 2023강신규
◾ Simple modular invariant model for quark, lepton, and flavored QCD axion, Physical Review D, 2023강신규
◾ Disentangling the high- and low-cutoff scales via the trilinear Higgs couplings in the type-I two-Higgs-doublet model, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.107 No.1, 2023강신규
◾ Confronting the prediction of leptonic Dirac CP-violating phase with experiments, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.106 No.9, 2022강신규
◾ Toward a model of quarks and leptons, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.106 No.7, 2022강신규
◾ Implications of the new CDF II W-boson mass on two-Higgs-doublet models, Physical Review D, vol.106 No.5, 2022강신규
◾ Characterization of the correlated background for a sterile neutrino search using the first dataset of the JSNS(2) experiment, The European Physical Journal C, vol.82 No.4, 2022강신규
◾ A first order dark SU(2)(D) phase transition with vector dark matter in the light of NANOGrav 12.5 yr data, Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, No.12, 2021강신규
◾ Probing neutrino dipole portal at COHERENT experiment, Journal if High Energy Physics, No.11, 2021강신규
◾ The JSNS2 detector, nuclear instruments and methods in physics research section A, vol.1014 pp.165742-1~165742-15, 2021강신규
◾ Gravitational waves from a dark U(1)_D phase transition in light of NANOGrav 12.5 yr data, Physical Review D, vol.104 No.5 pp.063501-1~063501-10, 2021강신규
◾ Slow control and monitoring system at the JSNS2, Progress of Theoretical and experimental Physics, 2021강신규
◾ Low‑energy CP violation and leptogenesis in a minimal seesaw model, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, vol.78 pp.743~749, 2021강신규
◾ The JSNS(2) data acquisition system, JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, vol.15 No.9, 2020강신규
◾ New mechanism for matter-antimatter asymmetry and connection with dark matter, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.102 No.5, 2020강신규
◾ Leptogenesis from a U(1)(D) resonance, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, No.8, 2020강신규
◾ Observable gravitational waves in minimal scotogenic model, JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, No.8, 2020강신규
◾ Performance of PMTs for the JSNS(2) experiment, JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, vol.15 No.7, 2020강신규
◾ L-mu - L-tau effects to quarks and leptons from flavor unification, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.102 No.1, 2020강신규
◾ TeV scale leptogenesis via dark sector scatterings, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, vol.80 No.6, 2020강신규
◾ A Model of Neutrino Anomalies and IceCube data, Journal of high energy physics, vol.2019 No.12 pp.133~, 2019강신규
◾ Two-component dark matter with cogenesis of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.100 No.10, 2019강신규
◾ Scotogenic dark matter stability from gauged matter parity, PHYSICS LETTERS B, vol.798, 2019강신규
◾ Radiative Dirac neutrino mass, neutrinoless quadruple beta decay, and dark matter in B - L extension of the standard model, Physical Review D, vol.100 No.7, 2019강신규
◾ Roles of sterile neutrinos in particle physics and cosmology, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A, vol.34 No.10, 2019강신규
◾ Minimal Modification of Tri-bimaximal Neutrino Mixing and Leptonic CP Violation, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, vol.71 No.12 pp.911~916, 2017강신규
◾ Radiative decays of a singlet scalar boson through vectorlike quarks, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.96 No.5 , 2017강신규
◾ A Detailed Understanding of Leptogenesis, New Physics : Sae Mulli, vol.67 No.3 pp.267~282, 2017강신규
◾ A model for pseudo-Dirac neutrinos: leptogenesis and ultra-high energy neutrinos, Journal of High Energy Physics, vol.2016 No.10 , 2016강신규
◾ Muon g-2 in the aligned two Higgs doublet model, Journal of High Energy Physics, vol.2016 No.10 , 2016강신규
◾ keV sterile neutrino dark matter and low scale leptogenesis, Journal of Korean Physical Society, vol.69 No.8 pp.1375~1382, 2016강신규
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◾ Two Higgs doublet models for the LHC Higgs boson data at s=7 and 8 TeV, Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014강신규
◾ Spontaneous CP violation in A4 flavor symmetry and leptogenesis, Physical Review D, vol.87 No.11 pp.0~0, 2013강신규
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◾ Two Higgs doublets model in gauge-Higgs unification framework, Physical Review D, vol.87 No.9 pp.0~0, 2013강신규
◾ Constraining parameter space in type-II two-Higgs doublet model in light of a 126 GeV Higgs boson, Journal of High Energy Physics, vol.2013 No.9 pp.0~0, 2013강신규
◾ Four-Neutrino Analysis of 1.5 km Baseline Reactor Antineutrino Oscillations, Advances in High Energy Physics, 2013강신규
◾ Nonzero theta(13) and CP violation in a model with A(4) flavor symmetry, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.86 No.9 , 2012강신규
◾ Weak mixing angle and Higgs mass in Gauge-Higgs unification models with brane kinetic terms, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, vol.1204 pp.101-1~101-18, 2012강신규
◾ Inflation and dark matter in two Higgs doublet models, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, vol.1204 pp.128-1~128-31, 2012강신규
◾ Revisiting the quark-lepton complementarity and triminimal parametrization of neutrino mixing matrix, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.83 No.9 , 2011강신규
◾ Dark matter signals and cosmic ray anomalies in an extended seesaw model, PHYSICS LETTERS B, vol.695 No.43104 pp.242~246, 2011강신규
◾ Direct link between neutrinoless double beta decay and leptogenesis in a seesaw model with S-4 symmetry, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.82 No.9 , 2010강신규
◾ Effects of large threshold corrections in supersymmetric type-I seesaw model, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, 2010강신규
◾ Probing Majorana neutrinos in rare K and D, D-s, B, B-c meson decays, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.82 , 2010강신규
◾ Threshold corrections to the radiative breaking of electroweak symmetry and neutralino dark matter in supersymmetric seesaw model, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol.81 , 2010강신규
Conference Papers
◾ 강신규, Confronting the prediction of leptonic Dirac CP Phase with Experiment, 2022 NCTS Annual Theory Meeting: Particle Physics, String Theory, Cosmology, and Astrophysics, 대만국립대학교, 2022강신규
◾ 강신규, Neutrino Oscillation Theory, 1st Yemilab workshop, High-1 Resort, Grand Hotel Convention Tower 5th floor, 2022강신규
◾ 강신규, A study of Leptonic CP Violation, Workshop on the standard model and beyond, Mon Respo, 2022강신규
◾ 강신규, A study of Leptonic CP Violation, K-neutrino symposium 2022, 중앙대학교, 2022강신규
◾ 강신규, Probing Neutrino Dipole Portal at COHERENT Experiment, Minworkshop on axions and neutrinos, 하이원 리조크, 2022강신규
◾ 강신규, Status of Neutrino Physics: Theoretical Perspectives, 6th Workshop on Korean Neutrino Observatory: Understanding Neutrinos through KNO, online, 2021강신규
◾ 강신규, Current Status of Sterile Neutrino Phenomenology, Sterile Neutrino Search at Underground mini-Workshop, Online, 2021강신규
◾ 강신규, Roles of Right-Handed Neutrinos, Miniworkshop on Chirality in the Universe Beyond the Electroweak Scale., The K-Hotel, Sandong, Gureye, 2021강신규
◾ 강신규, Physics of Neutrinos, The 17th Saga-Yonsei partnership program on High-Energy Physics, online, 2021강신규
◾ 강신규, Theoretical Perspectives on neutrino physics, Multi-messenger Astronomy and Astrophysics, 무주리조트, 2020강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, Arnab Dasgupta, Borah Debasish, TeV scale leptogenesis via dark sector scattering, International workshop on new physics at the low energy scales, 고등과학원, 2019강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, Arnab Dasgupta, Borah Debasish, TeV Scale Leptogenesis via Dark Sector, Proceedings of Workshop on Connecting Insights in Fundamental Physics: Standard Model and Beyond, Corfu summer institute, 2019강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, Theoretical Status of Neutrino Oscillation Physics, Proceedings of THE 21ST INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON NEUTRINOS FROM ACCELERATORS, 대구 그랜드 호텔, 2019강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, Right Handed Neutrinos, 15th Rencontres du Vietnam:3 neutrinos and beyond, IICISE, Quy Nhon, 2019강신규
◾ 강신규, Origins of Neutrino Mixing and CP Violation, The 1st IHEP workshop at Dongshin University, 동신대학교, 2018강신규
◾ 강신규, Sterile neutrinos in Particle Physics and Cosmology, Gangju Mini-workshop Nov 2018, 전남대학교, 2018강신규
◾ 강신규, CP Violation in Neutrino Sector and Proton Decay, 3rd Workshop on Korean Neutrino Observatory, 경북대학교, 2018강신규
◾ 강신규, Arnab Dasgupta, Dorah Debasish, Dark Matter and WIMPy Baryogenesis in Scotogenic Model, Identification of Dark Matter 2018, Brown University, 2018강신규
◾ Debasish Borah(Indian Inst. Tech., Guwahati), Arnab Dasgupta(Seoultech), Sin Kyu Kang(Seoultech), Leptogenesis from Dark Matter Annihilations in Scotogenic Model, Proceedings of XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, COEX, 2018강신규
◾ Arnab Dasgupta, Sin Kyu Kang, Oleg Popov, SU(7)SU(7) SU(7) Unification of Scotogenic Model with Pati-Salam SU(4)c×SU(2)L×U(1)RSU(4)_c\times SU(2)_L\times U(1)_R SU(4) c ​ ×SU(2) L ​ ×U(1) R ​ gauge symmetry, Proceedings of XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, COEX, 2018강신규
◾ 강신규, Arnab Dasgupta, Phenomenology of minimal seesaw model with S4 symmetry, Proceedings of XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, COEX, 2018강신규
◾ Jeonghyeon Song(Konkuk U.), Kingman Cheung(Taiwan, Natl. Tsing Hua U.), Sin Kyu Kang(Seoultech), Yeo Woong Yoon(Konkuk U.), Exotic signals of heavy scalar bosons through vectorlike quarks, Proceedings of XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, COEX, 2018강신규
◾ 강신규, Leptonic CP violation and Baryogenesis in minimal seesaw model, 2017 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea, 건국대학교, 2017강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, CP violation and leptogenesis in minimal seesaw model, Proceeding of Science, 2017 International Cosmic Ray Conferenc, Bexco, Busan, Korea, 2017강신규
◾ 강신규, Significance of RENO results in particle physics, Symposium on RENO and Beyond, 광주과학기술원, 2017강신규
◾ SIn Kyu Kang, Radiative decays of a singlet scalar boson through vector-like quarks, Phenomenology 2017 Symposium, 피츠버그 대학교, 2017강신규
◾ 강신규, Origin of neutrino mass and Majorana neutrino, Bulletin of the Korean Physical Society, 대전 컨벤션 센타, 2017강신규
◾ 강신규, Measuring leptonic CP violation and neutrino mass ordering in long baseline experiments, 한국물리학회 정기 학술대회, 광주 김대중 컨벤션 센타, 2016강신규
◾ 강신규, 장상현, 송정현, 이종필, Hidden Light Higgs Scenario in Two Higgs DOublet Models, 1st IBS-Honam Focus Program, 전북대학교, 2016강신규
◾ 강신, Prediciton of Leptonic CP violation in A_4 symmetric model, 2016 LHC Physics workshop at Koea, 건국대학교, 2016강신규
◾ 강신규, Review on neutrino physics, IBS-CUP neutrino school, 대전 기초과학연구원 지하실험단, 2016강신규
◾ 강신규, Neutrino Physics, 2016 Collider Physics Winter School, 정선 하이원 리조트, 2016강신규
◾ Sin Kyu Kang, Tao Han, Josh Sarey, Muon g-2 in the Alighned Two Higgs Doublet Model, IBS-PNU Joint Workshop on Particle Physics, String Theory and Cosmology, 부산 파라다이스 호텔, 2015강신규
◾ 강신규, Recent results in 2HDM, QUC workshop on "Physics issues at the current/future colliders, 양평 현대 블룸비스타, 2015강신규
◾ 강신규, Morimitus Tanimoto, Prediction of Leptonic CP Violation#in A4 symmetric model, 2015-LHC Physics Workshop, 건국대학교, 2015강신규
◾ 강신규,장상형,송정현,이강영,이종필,박성찬, Two Higgs doublet models for the LHC Higgs boson data at 7 and 8 TeV, Workshop on multi-Higgs Models, Instituto Superior Tecnio,Lisboa, Portugal, 2014강신규
◾ 강신규, Quark-Lepton Complementarity and Triminimal Parametrization of Neutrino Mixing Matrix, Proceedings of the 1st workshop on Flavor Symmetries and consequences in accelerators and Cosmology, INSTITUTO DE FISICA CORPUSCULAR, Valencia, Spain, 2011강신규
◾ A model compatible with dark matter signals and cosmic ray anomalies, International Workshop on "String Thery and Cosmology", 부산, 2011강신규
◾ Large Threshold Corrections to Lepton Flavor Violation and Neutralino Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Seesaw Model, 싱가포르, 2010강신규
◾ Neutralino Dark Matter and Lepton Flavor Violation in Supersyymmetric Seesaw Model, QCG 2010 NIMS-APCTP Joint International workshop - String Theory and Cosmology, 대전, 2010강신규
◾ Doubly Coexisting Dark Matter Candidates and Low Scale Leptogenesis, Proceedings of the XXIst RENCONTRES DEBLOIS - Windows on the Universe, Chateau de Blois, France, 2010강신규
◾ 미래사회·산업수요에 대응하기 위한 대학혁신 정책연구, 산학협력단, 2019.09.~2020.02.강신규
◾ 바리온 비대칭과 암흑물질의 공통 기원에 대한 연구, 한국연구재단, 2019.09.~2023.02.강신규
◾ Minimal seesaw model with S4 symmetry, 산학협력단, 2019.03.~2020.02.강신규
◾ 2019년도 노원과학영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2019.01.~2019.12.강신규
◾ 최소 시소 모형에서 CP 대칭성 파괴와 렙톤기원, 산학협력단, 2018.04.~2019.03.강신규
◾ 2018년도 노원과학영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2018.01.~2018.12.강신규
◾ Tri-bimaximal 중성미자 혼합의 일탈과 렙톤의 CP 대칭성 파괴, 산학협력단, 2017.10.~2018.03.강신규
◾ JSNS2 실험을 이용한 비활성 중성미자에 관한 이론적 연구 및 저에너지 중성미자원 개발을 위한 시물레이션 연구, 한국연구재단, 2017.04.~2020.03.강신규
◾ 새로운 CP 대칭성 파괴를 포함하는 확장된 표준 모형에서 난제 해결 연구, 한국연구재단, 2017.03.~2020.02.강신규
◾ 2017년도 노원과학영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2017.01.~2017.12.31.강신규
◾ 정부재정사업 : 노원과학영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2016.01.~2016.01.강신규
◾ 가벼운 힉스 보손 포함한 두 개의 힉스 더블릿 모형 연구, 한국연구재단, 2015.11.~2017.10.강신규
◾ LHC를 통한 CP 대칭성이 붕괴된 두 개의 힉스 더블릿 모형에 대한 연구, 한국연구재단, 2014.11.~2016.04.강신규
◾ 2014년도 노원과학영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2014.01.~2014.12.강신규
◾ 2012년도 노원영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2012.01.~2012.12.강신규
◾ LHC 가속기에서 탐색 가능한 새로운 물리 이론의 연구, 한국연구재단, 2011.09.~2014.08.강신규
◾ 2011년도 노원영재교육원 운영, 노원구청, 2011.01.~2011.12.강신규
◾ 서울산업대학교 노원영재교육원 설치 운영, 노원구청, 2010.05.~2010.12.강신규
◾ 중성미자 진동과 B 메존 현상과의 연관성을 통한 쿼크와 렙톤의 대칭성 탐구, 한국연구재단, 2010.05.~2012.04.강신규